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  • Adjustable Universal Steering Damper. Notched incremental 6 position adjustment. Great steering damper for 250cc - 500cc motorcycles. Requires individual mounting varies bike to bike, includes damper bracket with 8mm stud. 8mm stud can be used in the RD's reflector mount on the frame gusset just under the tank.
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    LED Headlight Bulb with Fan for RD’s – H4 type, Compact, fits in the RD headlight bucket

    Original price was: $52.50.Current price is: $48.50.
    LED Headlight Bulb with Fan for RD's. There's not much clearance in the RD headlight buckets due to all the wires and makes fitting most LED ligths with fans difficult. And without the fan you can't get very bright lights. This compact H4 LED bulb and fan assembly fits nicely in the bucket and at 3,800 lumens is very bright. Note: This bulb is a replaceable H4 type. The original RD headlight was a sealed beam H4 type and the bulb was not replaceable. This bulb is primarly inteneded for use with an aftermarket headlight lens/bulb assembly.
    • 3800 Lumens / 1 Amp draw
    • Ultra white color
    • Built in auto fan
    • Installs in minutes - Plug and Play, this compact bulb assembly fits in the RD headlight bucket
    • Lifetime warranty
  • Yamaha RD250 RD350 Airbox Lid - Reproduction Part Part no. 278-14412-01-00 CAP, CLEANER CASE 1, no longer available from Yamaha.
  • RD Chain Guard Damper Kit - Fits all RD's, R5, DS7 & More see complete fitment below Kit Includes: Rubber Damper, Special Washer, Collar, Screw/washer See product detail for complete fitment
  • Spark Plug Cap - 5K or 0K resistance for 14mm spark plug, with 90 degree Elbow (RD/RZ/R5), NGK Type - Reproduction, sold each. These caps are just right for the RDs and other 2 stroke vintage Japanese twins. Includes waterproof covers. For terminal stud type plugs or plugs with removeable terminal nuts (BR8ES, BR8HS). It is not recommended to use both resistor caps and resistor plugs, use either resistor plugs with non-resistor caps, or non resistor plugs with resistor caps.  
  • Throttle Grip Washer (goes between throttle and switch housing). Can be used with all RD's R5's DS6/7 & most bikes with standard 7/8" Grips. Part no. 90201-261L1, washer plate These are often missing causing the throttle to return slowly or not all.
  • 128MB USB Drive - Parts Diagrams, Service Manuals and Wiring Diagrams. Choose model and click add to cart Included on this flash/USB drive by model are the following .PDF files: RD350:
    • RD350 Parts Diagrams by Yamaha
    • RD350 Service Manual by Yamaha - older Yamaha manual - out of print
    • RD350 Wiring Diagram - Aftermarket diagram
    • 1976-1977 RD400 Parts Diagrams - by Yamaha
    • 1978 RD400 Parts Diagrams - by Yamaha
    • 1979 RD400 Daytona Parts Diagrams - by Yamaha
    • RD400 Service Manual - Aftermarket Euro Haynes Manual - out of print
    • RD400_(US)_wiring_diagram - Aftermarket
    These files are commonly available on the internet and Economy Cycle has not vetted or checked for accuracy, provided for informational purposes only, use at your own risk.
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    Vintage Yamaha T-Shirt - from the 1975 "someday you'll own a Yamaha" advertising campaign. Premium pre-shrunk soft cotton t-shirt. Official licensed Product. Charcoal color, available in L, XL, and 2XL. Choose size and click add to cart
  • Yamaha RD Shift Shaft Upgrade Kit - Includes: (This is the Original UK made kit, not the Chinese copy) - New CNC 6082 Billet Housing / PB1 Bronze Bushing - O-ring Seal Nitrile - Shift Shaft Seal - Acetal Shaft Sleeve - Easy to install, no mods required Though they have great transmissions, Yamaha 2 stroke twins aren't known as the best shifting bikes, and as they age shifting becomes even worse. The engine case opening for the shift shaft wears away causing the seal to fail, resulting in a constant oil leak, sloppy shifting, difficulty finding neutral, and missed shifts. Replacing the seal is just a temporary fix until it quickly fails again. This kit helps eliminate those issues. Economy Cycle tested for fitment/performance, highly recommended. You'll notice a difference in shfiting right away as the shaft/lever have much stronger support from the new bushing. The kit helps reduce miss shifts and revving to the moon, as well as making it a bit easier to find neutral. So sure, the kit eliminates the annoying oil leak with double sealing (by the O-ring and shaft seal), but to us as RD performance enthusiasts, this is a performance improvement allowing for precise and quick shifting. Great for street or race applications. Easy to install.
  • We designed these new kits with RD enthusiasts in mind and includes the following specs / features
    • Works with the engine in the frame (most dial gauges are too large and won't fit in the RD due to the frame rails sitting just above the heads)
    • Metric Gauge - no need to convert from SAE and one less chance to make a mistake when converting
    • Increments:
      • 10mm stroke 1/100mm graduation
      • Big hand sweeps 1 mm
      • Smal hand in .10 mm increments
    • 10, 12, & 14mm adapters makes this kit suitable for most 2 strokes
    • 2 Extensions
  • Ultra Sonic Carburetor Cleaning - Ultra Sonic cleaning is the most effective way to have your carbs cleaned. The carb bodies are immersed in a non-corrosive heated solution and treated with 40KHz sound pressure waves that clean 100% of all inner and outer surfaces and carb passages. This cleaning far exceeds normal carb cleaning with carb cleaner and wires which simply can't remove all the debris and residue as effectively an Ultra Sonic washer can becuase it cleans 100% of all surfaces. An ultrasonic cleaner works by the energy released from the collapse of millions of microscopic cavitations near the dirty surface. The bubbles made by cavitation collapse forming tiny jets directed at the surface removing varnish, debris, rust and other pollutants. Ultra sonic cleaning is also used for cleaning optic lenses, jewlery, watches, dental/surgical instruments, diving regulators and industrial parts, etc. Note: This price is for the cleaning itself and does not include labor for dis-assembly and rebuilding the carbs. Simply send us your carbs stripped down to the body or send us the carbs right off the bike and we will strip and rebuild them for you. If you choose to send in the entire carbs right off the bike, we will contact you after we receive the carbs with a complete estimate. Prices for dis-assembly and rebuild vary by carb type and the condition of the carbs. For example, a complete dis-assembly and ultrasonic cleaning of RD350/400 carbs x2 (non-Daytona) typically runs $75 per carb + parts. Price does not include return shipping. If you have any questions about this service or costs please feel free to contact us at 224-430-7971. DSC03078 DSC03080  
  • Reproduction Neutral Switch & Seal Assembly RD/RZ/R5/DS6/7 all years, includes neutral switch, seal & 3 screws, part numbers below. We've had lots of requests for a less expensive alterntative. The plastic isn't as pretty white as the originals but this kit is half the price of OEM and the netural switch isn't a visible part.
  • Yamaha RD250/350/400/R5 Rear Sets by Tarozzi with folding rubber covered foot pegs.  All Tarozzi rearsets feature the Tarozzi Footpeg Adjustment System. This allows you to adjust the arm which connects to your brake and shift linkage to any one of 42 different positions to make fitting as easy as possible. All Tarozzi rearsets are made of a combination of cast aluminum, machined aluminum, and chrome plated steel parts. All aluminum parts are coated for appearance and durability. Foot pegs are spring loaded. Each rearset kit sold includes an "assembly drawing". This drawing serves two purposes - it shows how the rearsets are mounted on your motorcycle and shows each part included with the kit along with its part number. Replacement parts available. Note: This part ships direct from the US distributor for Tarozzi, allow 6-10 business days for delivery.  Additional shipping charge of $15 applies to this part, calculated at checkout. This part is not eligible for discounts or special promotion. note: these do no fit the 1979 RD400 Daytona or European E models note: Kick start lever must be heated and bent for use with this kit or use the offset kick starter 09-1000 or 09-1010 Click here! Note: Click Here for Install Instructions    
  • 520 Chain/Sprocket Conversion Kit for RD250/350/400. Each kit includes a  steel 520 countershaft sprocket with correct offset, 520 aluminum rear  sprocket and a high quality 520 roller chain made in Japan by DID and cut to the correct number of links for your model. We offer this kit for  the RD250/350/400 in the most popular street performance configuration.  The RD250/350 kit includes a 14T countershaft sprocket and a 39T rear  sprocket and chain. The RD400 (76-78) kit includes a 16T counter shaft sprocket  and a 39T rear sprocket and chain. The RD400F (1979) kit includes a 15T counter shaft sprocket  and a 37T rear sprocket and chain. Note: All 520 rear sprockets come  coated with Titan Tough coating which greatly increases the life of the  sprocket. This coating is black, similar to black anodizing . This is  the standard gearing for the RD250/350/400 with the front sprocket  lowered by 1 tooth for acceleration. Note: RD400 sprockets will require shimming. RD400 Shim kit available separately here on the site. Sprockets made in the USA, Chain  made in Japan. Choose model and click add to cart.  Note: This kit does not work with a rear 120/80 tire (causes clearance and chain adjustment issues)
  • The Cross over tube helps with mid range performance and helps to smooth power delivery, eliminate flat spots, stumble, bucking, etc. Most of the later Euro/Canadian RD400's and the RZ350 had this type of intake set up, but was never available in the USA for the RD's. This kit is a modified verion of the RZ350 intake and requires NO modifications of any kind and is a direct bolt on upgrade for the RD250/350/400 (all years). Rejetting may be required. Kit includes the following:
    • OEM Yamaha RZ350 Manifolds x 2 (modified for the RD)
    • OEM Yamaha RZ350 Manifold clamps x 2
    • OEM Yamaha Banshee Cross over tube (metal) x 1
    • OEM Yamaha RZ350 Cross over tube clamps x 2
    • OEM Yamaha RZ350 Reed Valve gaskets x 2
    • Stainless Steel Socket Head Bolt (Allen)/SS washer x 8
  • Replacement RD250/350/400 Carburetors - Mikuni VM Round Slide Series 28mm Carburetors (pair). Original carburetors for the RD250/350/400 are no longer available from Yamaha. However, Mikuni does offer new VM28 round slide carburetors that are very similar in function and appearance to the original RD carbs. They do require re-jetting, a new throttle cable and optional oil injection. We include a 2 line cable for bikes that use premix or a 3 line cable if you choose the oil injection option. The oil injection option includes new oil nozzles. These carbs are only available with left hand idle screw and have individual choke levers (no choke crossover between carbs). We can jet the carbs for a stock RD250, RD350 or RD400 or for your specific application if you have pipes and other modifications that require jetting changes. Please submit a note with your order upon checkout for jetting changes required, if additional information is required we will contact you. Carb sets are built to order, please allow 5-10 days for shipping. You should let us know the year/model of your RD and any modifications, pipes, air filter, porting, etc. Note: The oil injection option is not required for the R5/DS7. 
  • Replacement Ignition Coil Kit - for Yamaha RD/R5/YDS6/7. Every thing you need to replace your coils, plug caps and ignition coil wires. Kit Includes the following:
    • 2 Replacement Coils, same dimensions as stock coils, same bolt spacing. Easy to mount and install.
    • 2 NGK Type 5K Resistor Spark Plug Caps
    • 2 Feet of high quality Ignition Coil Wire
    Note: These are reproduction high resistance RD350 coils. These can be mounted on the RD400 but is is recommended to bypass the ballast resistor (easy to do) when installing these coils on the RD400. If you need help with this feel free to contact us. Note: These coils do not work with some later Euro/Canadian based RD's with CDI ignitions.  
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    Vape CDI Electronic Ignition for Yamaha RD’s, R5 & DS7 (formerly Powerdynamo/MZB)

    Original price was: $650.00.Current price is: $575.00.

    Vape CDI Ignition and Charging System for the Yamaha RD250/350/400,R5, and DS7

    (note: Vape was formerly Powerdynamo/MZB)

    • Replaces the stock generator, points, condenser, coils and regulator found on the RD, R5 and DS7.
    • This system includes a lightweight cnc machined one piece external magnetic rotor and powerful stator, CDI ignition and HT coil pack, regulator, plug wires and caps, misc hardware and installation instructions. (note: all new systems purchased include the updated rotor)
    • This is the same type of ignition you would find on any modern motorcycle and gives you a high voltage spark and strong electrical output for lighting and charging. This is a maintenance free system, you will never need to check your timing or replace / adjust any parts as you would with contact points and condensers.
    • We charge a bit more than other vendors for this system as we provide live technical support via phone - talk to a person.
    • 24 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty.
    • 35,000 Volt HT Ignition Coils
    • Electrical output at 150W/12V allows you to run high wattage lights, halogen bulbs, and any accessories you like. Your horn, signals and headlight will be strong and bright even at idle.
    • No changes, modifications or machining needed to install this system
    • The system is capable of running without a battery.
    • Very stable ignition with high energy spark for better starting and fuel efficiency
    • Increases engine performance and lowers emissions
    • Wasted spark system ensures easy starting
    • This system is manufactured to exacting standards and all components and machining are top notch and of the highest quality. Just what you would expect from a German company.
    • Manufactured by Vape, imported from Europe by Economy Cycle – an authorized US distributor.
    • You will need a basic understanding of motorcycle electrical systems and basic mechanical knowledge to install the system, or you can have your own mechanic or local bike shop perform the installation. Economy Cycle can also install this system on your bike or motor.
    • The system typically takes 3-4 hours to install.
    • Note: requires puller tool for Vape Rotor/drum - available here Vape Puller Tool
    • We recommend the hardware upgrade kit for this system - available here Vape Hardware Upgrade
    • We also recommend a new generator wire grommet with this kit as the stock one will not be reuseable, avaiable here Wiring Grommet
    • Kit includes a relay to allow you to use your stock ignition switch
    • Some notes on keyway cutting and woodruff keys:
    • This system does not require a keyway / woodruff key and allows you to run the static timing of your choice (typically RD’s and similar bikes run static timing in the range of  1.8-2.2 BTDC). Also if you intend to use a Zeeltronic ignition controller and dynamic ignition curve a keyed rotor timed in the typical range noted above will not allow the Zeeltronic ignition controller to work properly, additional info below.
    • Cutting a keyway in the rotor/drum voids the warranty
    • The original Yamaha keeway and woodruff key were not intended to be used with the Vape rotor/drum to keep from slipping and absorbing a shear load. They were designed to index timing and once a keeway is cut and woodruff key installed, your timing is fixed and cannot be changed, we don't recommend this modification for these reasons. Additional info from Vape/MZB/Powerdynamo here Vape Keyway Information
    • Requires no battery or lead acid / MF type battery only, however you will need a battery if you intend to use the stock ignition switch and kill switch and Vape relay
    You can combine this Vape CDI system with a fully programmable Ignition Controller from Zeeltronic to enable a dynamic timing curve and rev limiter. These components are offered here on the website in the Zeeltronic programmable ignition controller category. This programmable system is offered exclusively by Economy Cycle.      
  • Oil Injection Line Clip, 90468-02033-00 OEM Originals $6.99 each or Reproduction Clips - $1.95 each
  • EBC High Performance Front Brake Shoes for Yamaha R5, RD250(1974),DS6(front/rear),DS7(front),RD200(front)