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On Sale and Featured Items

  • Dynatek Ignition Coil Kit - RZ350 Includes:
    • Dynatek Ignition Coil - RZ350. Replacement ignition coil for RZ350/RD350LC. Dynatek miniature series .5ohm coil. Dual outputs. 40,000 volts vs. stock coil @25,000 volts. Includes plug caps and crimp connectors. RZ coils are no longer available from Yamaha.
    • Dynatek Spark Plug Wires - Dynatek High Performance Spark Plug Wires. 8mm suppression spark plug wire set, great for use with our Dynatek coil. Highest grade graphite suppression core to reduce electrical noise and increase engine performance. Two wires, 48″ length (cut to length for your specific application). Gray outer cover, includes insulators as pictured.
    • RZ350 Hardware/Wiring Installation Kit - This kit allows easy mounting of our Dyna coil in the stock coil location. Includes all hardware, nuts, bolts, spacers, a sub wiring harness and complete installation instructions with pictures. Bolt on kit, no drilling or mods required. Note: This is for installation on 1984-1985 USA models of the RZ350 and also fits the Australian RZ350 1983-1985. We have not installed this kit on other models of the RZ350 from other countries.
  • Yamaha RZ350/Banshee Water Pump Impeller. Billet CNC-machined Aluminum Impeller, replaces stock impeller, standard flow rate. Replaces Yamaha part no. 4L0-12450-01-00 Available in Black or Silver. Made in China.
  • 128MB USB Drive - includes RD350/400 Parts Diagrams, Service Manuals and Wiring Diagrams. Included on this flash/USB drive are .PDF files:
    • RD350 Parts Diagrams by Yamaha
    • RD350 Service Manual by Yamaha
    • RD350_(US)_wiring_diagram - Aftermarket diagram
    • RD400 Parts Diagrams - by Yamaha
    • RD400 Service Manual - Aftermarket Euro Haynes Manual - out of print
    • RD400_(US)_wiring_diagram - Aftermarket
    These files are commonly available on the internet and Economy Cycle has not vetted or checked for accuracy, provided for informational purposes only, use at your own risk.  
  • Sale!
    Vintage Yamaha T-Shirt - from the 1975 "someday you'll own a Yamaha" advertising campaign. Premium pre-shrunk soft cotton t-shirt. Official licensed Product. Charcoal color, available in L, XL, and 2XL. Choose size and click add to cart
  • Oil Pump Worm Gear Pin and spring set. These are the small springs and pins under the ring gear that often get lost and make the pump inoperable. These pins/springs work with all Yamaha oil pumps with the white priming wheel (and RD400's with or without priming wheel). When used as a set, this pin/spring combination is 1mm shorter than stock which makes them much easier to install and doesn't affect the operation of the pump. Sold as a set of 1 pin and 1 spring.
  • Expansion Chamber Silencers - Black Carbon Fiber or Stainless Steel, sold each. These work with Lomas expansion chambers, see dimensions below for other applictions Stainless dimensions: 250mm Long Weight = 592 grams Mounting = 3 each M6 on 38mm bolt circle Carbon Dimensions: 250mm Long Weight = 497 grams Mounting = 3 each M6 on 38mm bolt circle  
  • Yamaha RD Shift Shaft Upgrade Kit - Includes: (This is the Original UK made kit, not the Chinese copy) - New CNC 6082 Billet Housing / PB1 Bronze Bushing - O-ring Seal Nitrile - Shift Shaft Seal - Acetal Shaft Sleeve - Easy to install, no mods required Though they have great transmissions, Yamaha 2 stroke twins aren't known as the best shifting bikes, and as they age shifting becomes even worse. The engine case opening for the shift shaft wears away causing the seal to fail, resulting in a constant oil leak, sloppy shifting, difficulty finding neutral, and missed shifts. Replacing the seal is just a temporary fix until it quickly fails again. This kit helps eliminate those issues. Economy Cycle tested for fitment/performance, highly recommended. You'll notice a difference in shfiting right away as the shaft/lever have much stronger support from the new bushing. The kit helps reduce miss shifts and revving to the moon, as well as making it a bit easier to find neutral. So sure, the kit eliminates the annoying oil leak with double sealing (by the O-ring and shaft seal), but to us as RD performance enthusiasts, this is a performance improvement allowing for precise and quick shifting. Great for street or race applications. Easy to install.
  • We designed these new kits with RD enthusiasts in mind and includes the following specs / features
    • Works with the engine in the frame (most dial gauges are too large and won't fit in the RD due to the frame rails sitting just above the heads)
    • Metric Gauge - no need to convert from SAE and one less chance to make a mistake when converting
    • Increments:
      • 10mm stroke 1/100mm graduation
      • Big hand sweeps 1 mm
      • Smal hand in .10 mm increments
    • 10, 12, & 14mm adapters makes this kit suitable for most 2 strokes
    • 2 Extensions
  • RD brakes can be difficult to bleed, time consuming and messy. This kit makes quick work of bleeding brakes and at an economical price, great for occaisional use without breaking the bank. Kit includes:
    • Pump w/Gauge
    • Canister/lid
    • Hoses
    • Fittings for a variety of calipers
  • New Replacement Headlight for Yamaha RD R5 DS7
    • Yamaha no longer makes the replacement headlight bulb for the RD's
    • This is an option to replace the original 162mm headlight
    • Comes with a H4 bulb  60/55w
    • The light is held in place with clips and the side to side adjuster is deleted.
    • Applications
      • Any motorcycle with a 162mm headlight
      • Yamaha R5, DS7 1970-1972
      • Yamaha RD350, RD250 1973-1975
      • Yamaha RD400 1976-1980
    • Note: Clips for this headlight can be found here Headlight Clips
  • YAMAHA RD250, RD350, RD400, R5, DS7  Shocks (sold in pairs). Great replacement shocks that closely mimick the originals.
    • Chrome body with black or Chrome Springs
    • 325mm Eye to Eye.  14mm eyelets
    • 7mm Wire Diameter
    • Adjustable Preload
    • 12 month warranty
  • Vessel JIS Thin Shank 4mmx100 Screwdriver - perfect for removing/installing pilot jets. By Vessle, a leading tool manufacturer in Japan.
  • Vessle 8-PC, Japanese Motorcycle Repair & Restoration Set (Includes IMPACTA Driver). This 8pc kit is outfitted with premium VESSEL brand Japanese hand tools.  It’s the perfect "Starter Kit" for restoring or repairing Japanese motorcycles, which have JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screws. The included “Megadora” style screwdrivers have a non-slip cushion grip handle for maximum comfort. The high precision black point cross-point tips fit JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screw heads, and can also be used in other cross-point screws. This ensures a correct fit for fastening and helps prevent cam-outs. The included 980 model "Impacta" is a revolutionary screwdriver that features a built-in impact driven screw removal function. It's great for stripped, rusted, or stuck screws.
  • Ultra Sonic Carburetor Cleaning - Ultra Sonic cleaning is the most effective way to have your carbs cleaned. The carb bodies are immersed in a non-corrosive heated solution and treated with 40KHz sound pressure waves that clean 100% of all inner and outer surfaces and carb passages. This cleaning far exceeds normal carb cleaning with carb cleaner and wires which simply can't remove all the debris and residue as effectively an Ultra Sonic washer can becuase it cleans 100% of all surfaces. An ultrasonic cleaner works by the energy released from the collapse of millions of microscopic cavitations near the dirty surface. The bubbles made by cavitation collapse forming tiny jets directed at the surface removing varnish, debris, rust and other pollutants. Ultra sonic cleaning is also used for cleaning optic lenses, jewlery, watches, dental/surgical instruments, diving regulators and industrial parts, etc. Note: This price is for the cleaning itself and does not include labor for dis-assembly and rebuilding the carbs. Simply send us your carbs stripped down to the body or send us the carbs right off the bike and we will strip and rebuild them for you. If you choose to send in the entire carbs right off the bike, we will contact you after we receive the carbs with a complete estimate. Prices for dis-assembly and rebuild vary by carb type and the condition of the carbs. For example, a complete dis-assembly and ultrasonic cleaning of RD350/400 carbs x2 (non-Daytona) typically runs $75 per carb + parts. Price does not include return shipping. If you have any questions about this service or costs please feel free to contact us at 224-430-7971. DSC03078 DSC03080  
  • Reproduction Neutral Switch & Seal Assembly RD/RZ/R5/DS6/7 all years, includes neutral switch, seal & 3 screws, part numbers below. We've had lots of requests for a less expensive alterntative. The plastic isn't as pretty white as the originals but this kit is half the price of OEM and the netural switch isn't a visible part.
  • Yamaha RD350 (all years) Throttle Tube - Reproduction replaces OEM# 214-26243-00-00
  • LED Instrument Dash Light Bulb Speedo/Tach RD(all) R5 Bright White - 4watt/12V. Sold Each. Note: RD250/350 uses 9x of these, RD400 uses 8x. Replaces Yamaha OEM 123-83516-21-00 Need new sockets / harness? see here Instrument Light Socket    
  • RD350LC Reproduction Wiring Harness, originals no longer available from Yamaha. All wiring colors and connectors are the same as stock and is a direct fit replacment, but may vary slightly from original harness in terms of materials used for loom, color of plastic connectors, and other minor differences, etc.
  • TKRJ Piston Kits (Sold each) Yamaha RD350 / RD400 / LC350 - Made in Japan. Piston kit includes cast piston, rings, pin and clips. Designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Economy Cycle has tested these pistons for fitment and performance in air-cooled RD's and have performed well with thicker skirts than ProX pistons giving excellent durability. Available sizes are 64.0mm, 64.25mm, 64.50mm, 64.75mm, 65.0mm, 65.25mm, 65.5mm, 65.75mm, 66.0mm. Choose piston size, quantity and click add to cart.
  • Sale!

    Hot Rods Crankshaft Assembly - RZ350/Banshee (Stock Stroke).

    • Sold complete with the original proven Hot Rods connecting rods, top-end bearings and crankshaft webs
    • Factory assembled and trued to OEM specifications; meet or surpass OEM in performance and durability
    • Complete and ready for installation
    • Completely rebuildable with genuine Hot Rods connecting rods
  • Yamaha RD250/350/400/R5 Rear Sets by Tarozzi with folding rubber covered foot pegs.  All Tarozzi rearsets feature the Tarozzi Footpeg Adjustment System. This allows you to adjust the arm which connects to your brake and shift linkage to any one of 42 different positions to make fitting as easy as possible. All Tarozzi rearsets are made of a combination of cast aluminum, machined aluminum, and chrome plated steel parts. All aluminum parts are coated for appearance and durability. Each rearset kit sold includes an "assembly drawing". This drawing serves two purposes - it shows how the rearsets are mounted on your motorcycle and shows each part included with the kit along with its part number. Replacement parts available. Note: This part ships direct from the US distributor for Tarozzi, allow 6-10 business days for delivery.  Additional shipping charge of $15 applies to this part, calculated at checkout. This part is not eligible for discounts or special promotion. note: these do no fit the 1979 RD400 Daytona or European E models note: Kick start lever must be heated and bent for use with this kit or use the offset kick starter 09-1000 or 09-1010 Click here! Note: Click Here for Install Instructions    
  • Yamaha Swing Arm Bushing. Reproduction part no longer available from Yamaha. Sold each, replaces Yamaha OEM part no. 174-22123-00-00. 2 required per bike. Sample picture Assemblies where 174-22123-00-00 is used 1968 YCS1 1968 YCS1C 1969 AT1E 1969 AT1M 1969 CT1 1970 AT1B 1970 ATM1B 1970 CT1B 1971 AT1C 1971 AT1MX 1971 CS3B 1971 CS3C 1971 CT1C 1972 AT2M 1972 CS5 1972 AT3_CT3 (AT2) 1972 AT3_CT3 (CT2) 1973 ATMX 1973 AT3_CT3 (AT3) 1973 AT3_CT3 (CT3) 1974 DT125A 1974 RD200A 1975 DT125B 1975 RD200B 1976 DT125C 1976 RD200C  
  • Vessel JIS Crosshead Thru-shank Impact Type Screwdriver Set (#2,#3). This is the correct cross head type screwdriver to use on your Japanese motorcycle. Using a standard Phillips head screwdrive damages the screws and can be difficult to remove. This kit is by Vessle, a leading tool manufacturer in Japan. The kit includes 2 special type JIS screwdrivers (#2,#3), thru shank type which means they work like an impact wrench, seat the head of the screwdriver in the screw, then give the end a whack with a hammer causing the the shaft to rotate (counter clockwise for loosening only). These are the IMPACTA models by Vessle, a must have tool for wrenching on Japanese motorcycles.
  • Vessel JIS Crosshead Screwdriver Set (#1,#2,#3). A complete set of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). This is the correct cross head type screwdriver to use on your Japanese motorcycle. Using a standard Phillips head screwdrive damages the screws and can be difficult to remove. This kit is by Vessle, a leading tool manufacturer in Japan. This kit includes a #1,#2, and #3 JIS cross head screwdrivers, MEGADORA model 900 series with magnetic tips.
  • Caged Ball Bearing Steering Stem Bearing Kit for RD250/350/400/R5/RZ350/LC/TZ250/350. Simple replacement kit same dimensions as stock parts and no chasing ball bearings around the garage! Includes the following:
    • Upper / Lower Races
    • Upper / Lower Caged Ball Bearings
  • 2- Stroke Candle KLOTZ Benol Scented Candle 99050160. Smells like 2 stroke oil, 8 oz candle lasts up to 30 hours.
  • 2- Stroke Candle KLOTZ OIL Techniplate Scented Candle #99050159. Smells like 2 stroke oil, 8 oz candle lasts up to 30 hours.
  • JIS Cross Head Bits (like Phillips but Japanese Industrial Standard for Japanese Motorcycles) - 1/4" standard shank works in most screwdrivers with interchangeable bits. Vintage japanese bolts are like butter to begin with and get buggered up over the years from using a standard phillps bit which doesn't fill the cross head bolt/screws properaly and often need replacing. Available in sizes #1,#2,#3
  • RZ350 Clear Clutch Cover Kit - Anodized in Silver or Black by Siberdyne Motorcycle Parts. (Economy Cycle is the USA distributor for Siberdyne products). Note: This fits all years and versions of the RZ350 (worldwide). Also fits Banshee. Note: this part does not include the engine cover itself. See additional info below