• ***DISCONTINUED*** Haynes Yamaha RZ350/RD350YPVS Manual - Comprehensive shop manual covers all aspects of service and repair including engine rebuild.
  • A handy pocket-size slide calculator which can be used to determine required jetting changes in Mikuni Carburetors due to climate and temperature changes. The Pocket Tuner is applicable to both single and multi-carburetor applications on two-stroke and four-stroke engines. It also has a guide for determining rich or lean carburetor conditions.
  • Mikuni Carburetor Tuning Manual. Includes complete parts list, functions, maintenance, troubleshooting and parts selection for Mikuni carburetors.
  • Yamaha RZ350 Factory Service Manual. Original Factory Service Manual. Yamaha licensed. This is the original RZ350 manual. Manuals are no longer available from Yamaha, however Yamaha has licensed a private publisher to print these fully bound manuals with all original pictures, specifications and diagrams as originally issued. (RD400 manual pictured).