Ultra Sonic Carburetor Cleaning - Ultra Sonic cleaning is the most effective way to have your carbs cleaned. The carb bodies are immersed in a non-corrosive heated solution and treated with 40KHz sound pressure waves that clean 100% of all inner and outer surfaces and carb passages. This cleaning far exceeds normal carb cleaning with carb cleaner and wires which simply can't remove all the debris and residue as effectively an Ultra Sonic washer can becuase it cleans 100% of all surfaces. An ultrasonic cleaner works by the energy released from the collapse of millions of microscopic cavitations near the dirty surface. The bubbles made by cavitation collapse forming tiny jets directed at the surface removing varnish, debris, rust and other pollutants. Ultra sonic cleaning is also used for cleaning optic lenses, jewlery, watches, dental/surgical instruments, diving regulators and industrial parts, etc. Note: This price is for the cleaning itself and does not include labor for dis-assembly and rebuilding the carbs. Simply send us your carbs stripped down to the body or send us the carbs right off the bike and we will strip and rebuild them for you. If you choose to send in the entire carbs right off the bike, we will contact you after we receive the carbs with a complete estimate. Prices for dis-assembly and rebuild vary by carb type and the condition of the carbs. For example, a complete dis-assembly and ultrasonic cleaning of RD350/400 carbs x2 (non-Daytona) typically runs $75 per carb + parts. Price does not include return shipping. If you have any questions about this service or costs please feel free to contact us at 224-430-7971. DSC03078 DSC03080