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    ***OUT OF STOCK*** Yamaha RZ350 High Capacity Radiator. 40mm core, heavy duty radiator provides significantly better cooling then stock radiator. Aluminum construction, tig welded, polished and factory pressure tested. New improved fit allows radiator to be spaced off frame. Economy Cycle has test fit and tested these radiators on the USA RZ350. No issues with fitment and performance. One year warranty against manufacturing defects. Very good quality, made in China, these radiators offer an economical solution to the overheating problems associated with the stock RZ cooling system. Note: You cannot use the stock radiator shroud for this radiator. Also note the stock shroud has the mounting points for the belly pan.
  • Athena Big Bore Kit - RZ350/Banshee.  Kit inlcudes: 2 aluminum 68mm cylinders with nickle carbide (nikasil) coating with large water jackets, high performance 68mm matched cast lite pistons kit includes rings, pin, clips, gasket kit, modular head with combustion domes with preconfigured squish and compression, cylinder studs, headbolts & washers, instructions included. CNC machined parts, true bolt on performance no modifications or machining needed. 68mm/392cc. 50+ rear wheel HP at 8k revs on stock crank/exhaust. Note for RZ350 installation: eliminates powervalves & requires modified exhaust (spigot type). Requires 2 Banshee water plugs, part no 47X-11355-00-00 available here on the site.
  • Banshee water plug, part no. 47X-11355-00-00, required when installing Athena big bore kit on an RZ350. Sold each, 2 required for RZ350.
  • Barnett Clutch Kit Yamaha RZ350 (All Years), includes 7 Kevlar friction plates, 6 steel drive plates, 6 heavy duty springs. High performance clutch kit for the Yamaha RZ350.
  • DG Performance Exhaust for 1984-85 RZ350. Great quality and performance, up to 13+ HP throughout the rev range. Aluminum construction 10 pounds lighter than stock. Includes 2 exhaust pipes, aluminum silencers, flanges, springs and all hardware needed for installation.
  • EBC Carbon Fiber Lined Impregnated Friction Disc Set for Yamaha Yamaha RD250/350/400, R5, DS6/7, RZ350
    • EBC Friction CKF Clutch Kit - CKF2279
    • Clutch kit plates are carbon-fiber impregnated
    • These tough clutch plates extend engine life, improve drive, increase the heat threshold of the clutch and improve rider feel
  • EBC Carbon Fiber Lined Clutch Kit for Yamaha RD400 & RZ350 & Banshee. Includes steel plates, Carbon fiber lined friction plates and heavy dudt springs.
    • EBC DRCF Series Clutch Kit - DRCF43
    • Heavy-duty clutch kit designed for hard use and race applications
    • Feature carbon-fiber lined clutch friction plates, a full set of steel plates and heavy-duty clutch springs
    • Ideal for use in 2-stroke performance applications
  • EBC Clutch Friction Disc Set for Yamaha Yamaha RD250/350/400, R5, DS6/7, RZ. Includes 7 friction discs.Cork-based clutch material impregnated with aluminum particles to increase wear life and heat resistance. Highly compressed construction avoids swell and clutch drag, Ideal for general-purpose street performance.
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    EBC Clutch Kit for RD400 & RZ350. Includes steel plates, friction plates and springs. Featuring anti-swell friction plates, long lasting pin planished steel plates for better lube distribution and heavy duty clutch springs. Note packaging recently changed but same great clutch kit.
  • Complete Wiseco Top End Gasket Kit, Compatible with RZ350L/N/NC models All years. This is not a Banshee kit and is specifically for the RZ350. Suitable from 64.0mm to 66.5mm bore.
  • Complete Vesrah Gasket Kit, Compatible with RZ350L/N/NC models All years. Note: this kit is for a Banshee and all gaskets will work on the RZ350 except the head gasket. We recommend only the original Yamaha OEM head gasket for the RZ350, also sold here on the site.
  • Engine Oil Seal Kit - RZ350 by K&S. Complete bottom end engine oil seal kit. Includes all seals needed to rebuild bottom end. Note: Does note include shifter fork shaft plugs (2 required sold separately here on the site).
  • Exhaust springs by Moose Racing. Suitable for aftermarket exhaust / expansion chambers. Stainless Steel, sold in pairs. Available in multiple lenths (measurement is from hook to hook) 90MM fits most Yamaha RD/RZ applications. Choose length and click add to cart
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    Hot Rods Crankshaft Assembly - RZ350/Banshee (Stock Stroke).

    • Sold complete with the original proven Hot Rods connecting rods, top-end bearings and crankshaft webs
    • Factory assembled and trued to OEM specifications; meet or surpass OEM in performance and durability
    • Complete and ready for installation
    • Completely rebuildable with genuine Hot Rods connecting rods
  • jl-exhausts-logo2jimlomaspic

    ***Note: We cannot ship Lomas exhausts to Europe. To purchase Lomas pipes for Europe, please visit JL-exhausts.com***

    JL (Jim Lomas) Expansion Chambers - Yamaha RZ350 & RD350 YPVS. Available in mild steel or stainless steel with stainless or carbon fiber silencers, side by side standard exit or GP style side exit. Excellent performance across the rev range and high quality craftsmanship, you won't be disappointed!

    Note: Centerstand Must Be Removed all models Stock Footpegs must be removed on RD400 - Rearsets Only Note: Does NOT fit European RD400E or RD400F Daytona Special Standard side by side exit available with the following options: Mild Steel with Stainless Steel Silencers, side by side standard exit - $734.95 - LCY152SS Mild Steel with Carbon Fiber Silencers, side by side standard exit - $854.95 - LCY152CF Stainless Steel with Stainless Silencers, side by side standard exit - $919.95 - LCY154SS Stainless Steel with Carbon Fiber Silencers, side by side standard exit - $1,042.95 - LCY154CF LCY152SSYamaha RD350LC 1980 - 1982 Jim Lomas JL exhaust, mild steel   GP Style same side exit available with the following options: Mild Steel with Stainless Steel Silencers, GP side exit - $759.95 - LCY172GP Mild Steel with Carbon Fiber Silencers, GP side exit - $879.95 - LCY172GPCF Stainless Steel with Stainless Silencers, GP side exit - $944.95 - LCY156GP Stainless Steel with Carbon Fiber Silencers, GP side exit- $1,067.95 - LCY156GPCF LCY156GPLCY172GP Image result for rz350 lomas exhaust      
  • Labyrinth Seal RZ350/LC350/Banshee (all years) OEM quality reproduction seal. Original part no longer available from Yamaha. Sold each.
  • Long-filament fiberglass made especially for 2 stroke muffler packing, suitable for aftermarket expansion chambers, Measures 10.5" x 16", more than enough to repack virtually any 2-stroke silencer. Resists breakdown up to 1200 degrees F. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Yamaha RZ350 Oil Pump Grommet Blank. This is a solid plug with no openings for oil lines and is intended to be used on bikes that premix and do not use the oil pump or oil lines.
  • Yamaha RZ350  Oil Pump Block Off Plate Kit. Kit includes:
    • CNC aluminum block off plate
    • Yamaha oil pump gasket
    • Replacement engine case grommet block (solid, no openings for oil lines)
    • Stainless steel allen bolts and lock washers
  • Oil Pump Housing Main Gaket - Yamaha RD350 RD400 RD250 R5 DS6/7 RZ350, sold each.
  • Oil Pump Rebuild Kit RZ350. Reproduction kit includes new seals, gaskets, and bolts for rebuilding pump. Includes the following:
    • Oil Pump Shaft Seal x 1
    • Oil Pump Plunger Seal x 1 (Includes OEM seal correct for RZ)
    • Oil Pump Rotor Seal x 1
    • Oil Pump Bleed Wheel Seal SEAL x 1 (not required on some pumps)
    • Oil Pump to Crank Case Cover Gasket x 1
    • Oil Pump Body Gasket x 1
    • Oil Pump Body Screw x 4
    • Oil pump bleed screw and gasket
  • Yamaha Oil Pump Shims OEM Sold each. - Available in .03mm .05mm .10mm
  • ProX Connecting Rod Kit - Yamaha RZ350/RZ350YPVS (all). Connecting Rod Kit by ProX, includes connecting rod, small end bearing, big end bearing, pin and thrustwashers. PROX Connecting Rod Kits are made out of the toughest alloys available today. O.E. specifications and tolerances are meticulously maintained, a guarantee for easy installation and trouble free performance. Sold each. Sample picture. Rod kits subject to manufacturer availability, your kit will be shipped as soon as possible.