Yamaha RD350 OEM Crankshaft - Rebuilt and upgraded with original Yamaha bearings (inner/outer right), ProX rod kits, Suzuki RG500 silver caged big end bearings, 10 ball outer bearing left side (made in Japan) and the pins have been welded. In additon we performed the following work on this crank and it is ready to install. We do offer a core credit of $75 if/when you return you're old (rebuildable) crankshaft to us. This is a good choice for a built up high performance engine.
  • Crankshaft dis-assembly
  • Cleaned, measured and bead blasted
  • New ProX rods
  • New Bearings - inner, outer (Yamaha OEM bearings) + 10 ball left side bearing (Made in Japan $75 updgrade)
  • New Small end bearing (ProX)
  • New Big end RG500 silver caged bearings ($120 upgrade)
  • New Thrust Washers
  • New Pins - welded ($50 upgrade)
  • Re-assembly and truing to factory specifications or better