Ignition Systems

  • Ready to run system - bolt on - Racing ignition by Powerdynamo. Engineered and manufactured with high quality components made for the extreme demands of racing. High-speed (up to 22.000rpm) magnet based solid state ignition for sports purposes. At 18.000rpm (i.e. 36.000 sparks/min) still 25kV output. (3.000-8.000rpm = 40kV, see diagram). Diameter of rotor is 59mm, rotor weight 180 gramms. This ignition is for racing, no charging component, no lighting capabilities.
    • note: Total loss racing ignition system¬† - requires starter roller or bump start, does NOT work with kick starter
  • Yamaha RZ350/Banshee Replacement Ignition System Bundle by Vape/Zeeltronic. These bundled products will replace the entire ignition and charging system for the RZ350/Banshee including generator, mag drum, pick up coil, regulator/rectifier and CDI or CDI/PV controller. Though Economy Cycle has bundled these products for convenience, you should not expect this to be a plug and play stock replacement. These are 2 separate systems made by separate companies. There will be significant wiring, programming and other work that will need to be completed during installation, and is recommended only for those with knowledge of motorcycle ignition and charging systems or a trained professional motorcycle mechanic. There are no integration documents for these 2 systems and Economy Cycle can only provide limited support. You'll need to do things like making your own wire terminations/connections, be able to chase a circuit with a multi-meter, read and understand wiring diagrams, determine alternate mountings for the CDI, reg/rec and other components that may not be the same size and shape as the stock part. Success and completion is your responsibility and these sytems are not returnable unless individually defective and are only covered by each manufacturer's respective warranties. That being said, if you have experience working on bikes, it's not that hard to install a generator/drum and pulse line to the CDI and and coils, wire up a rec/reg and do a bit of programming. Some of you will even think it's fun and challenging while others may regret taking on a project this comprehensive. This bundle is avaialble in two configurations - one for ignition only (PDCI11) typically for use with non-powervalve aftermaket cylinders, or, for ignition and powervalves (PDCI11VT) typically for use with stock cylinders and powervalves. A bit about each system: Vape system 7113 499 00 - This is a 12V/150 watt generator with a regulator and rectifier. The system also includes a standard S01 Pick up coil (2 pulses per revolution, i.e., wasted spark and comes with a new puller tool to remove/replace the mag drum. (this system will not work with the stock yamaha CDI). Link to install instructions: Vape System 7113499 (note this is the same system for the Euro CDI based RD400 and is what's shown in the pictures). Zeeltronic CDI/Ignition Controller PDCI11 and PDCI11VT - These are programmable CDI's for ignition curve (PDCI11) and ignition and power valve curve (PDCI-11VT), with adjustable rev limiter, qucik shift option and much more detailed below. *(note the PDCI11 does not include powervalve option). Incuded with either Ignition controller is a PC based programmer - We send this with instructions and links to download the program. This programmer offers a one page color user interface and in addition to programming functions gives real time feedback of revs and timing angle. Simple to use, works with most current laptops and pc's compatible with Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10, 32bit and 64bit. Technical data: - minimum revs 200 RPM - maximum revs 20000 RPM - minimum supply voltage 7 Volts - recommended power supply 12√∑15 Volts - maximum supply voltage 17 Volts - max idle current draw 50 mAmp - maximum continuous current for shift light and power jet output 1 Amp - peak current for shift light and power jet output 5 Amp - constant spark energy from idle to 20000 RPM >65mJ Avoid reverse power supply connection...circuit can handle reverse power supply only for short time. Features: - one channel isolated input (pickup) - store and load function for two ignition curves - TPS input (Throttle Position Sensor) - shift light output - 2 power jet outputs - quick shift (shift kill) - soft rev limit (three stage rev limit) - external switch for changing ignition map while riding - tachometer output - easy and fast programming on the field, via hand held programmer - programming while machine running - you can immediately see effects - each curve can be set in 4 to 12 curve points - 3D interpolated ignition map, if TPS selected - signal delay compensation - instant monitoring of rev's and angle, via LCD(hand held programmer) - programmable power valve actuation - store and load function for 5 PV curves - external switch for changing PV map while riding - programmable PV deviation - programmable max close and max open positions - self PV test on power-up - PV error detecting (position sensor failure, servo motor failure) - fast processing for high accuracy - delays from 1us - timing calculation for every 1 RPM change (1000, 1002, .. , 9805, 9806, ...)