520 Conversion Sprockets/Chains/Kits - RD/R5 Light Weight Performance

////520 Conversion Sprockets/Chains/Kits - RD/R5 Light Weight Performance
  • 520 Chain/Sprocket Conversion Kit for RD250/350/400. Each kit includes a  steel 520 countershaft sprocket with correct offset, 520 aluminum rear  sprocket and a high quality 520 roller chain made in Japan by DID and cut to the correct number of links for your model. We offer this kit for  the RD250/350/400 in the most popular street performance configuration.  The RD250/350 kit includes a 14T countershaft sprocket and a 39T rear  sprocket and chain. The RD400 (76-78) kit includes a 16T counter shaft sprocket  and a 39T rear sprocket and chain. The RD400F (1979) kit includes a 15T counter shaft sprocket  and a 37T rear sprocket and chain. Note: All 520 rear sprockets come  coated with Titan Tough coating which greatly increases the life of the  sprocket. This coating is black, similar to black anodizing . This is  the standard gearing for the RD250/350/400 with the front sprocket  lowered by 1 tooth for acceleration. Note: RD400 sprockets will require shimming. RD400 Shim kit available separately here on the site. Sprockets made in the USA, Chain  made in Japan. Choose model and click add to cart.  Note: This kit does not work with a rear 120/80 tire (causes clearance and chain adjustment issues)
  • 520 Counter Shaft Sprocket. This sprocket is used to convert the standard 530 pitch chain to 520 and includes correct offset. High quality steel sprocket made in the USA. Available for the RD250/350 in sizes from 11-20 Teeth. Available for the RD400 in sizes from 11-18 teeth.
  • This sprocket is used to convert the standard RD 530 pitch chain to 520. High quality light weight aluminum sprockets made in the USA. Available in sizes from 37-50 teeth. Other custom sizes avaiable, please inquire. We stock the most common sizes, for other sizes allow 2-4 Weeks for Delivery of this item -  Note: All 520 rear sprockets come with a hard anodized Titan Tough coating (black) which greatly increases the life of the sprocket. RD350 sprocket pictured. Choose model, sprocket size and quantity, then click add to cart.
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    BikeMaster 520 BMOR Series Gold O-Ring Chains offer some of the highest durability at fractions of the price of other brand chains that claim they are stronger. Specially controlled heat treatment means tougher material which keeps you riding longer. Gold color. Features
    • Up-graded BikeMaster O-ring chain offers chain offers not only the industry's best value-price but also the highest durability
    • Includes Clip style master link and Rivet Style master link
    • Tensile Strength of 8,000 lbs
    • 650cc max street/dirt use
    Note: This chain will need to be cut to the correct length for each model as noted below. We offer chain cutting service at this link: Chain Cutting Option  RD250/350 (all years) - 92 links RD400 (all years) - 96 links RZ350 - (all years) - 106 links  
  • DID ERT3 (supersedes ERT2) 520 Race Chain - Yamaha RZ350 and RD 520 Conversion - Gold. High-performance, lightweight, low-friction chains designed exclusively for racing. This is basically the same chain as the older ERT2, but now with larger and stronger pins. Pins for ER chains are put through a special patented heat-treatment process that is 1.5 times harder than conventional carbon heat treating. Provides the highest wear resistance, tensile strength and impact resistance available. ER chain used by top motocross OEM works teams. Distinctive gold-plated finish. This chain can also be used for the 520 conversion on RD's. Note: This chain is 120 links long and must be cut for use on the RZ350 which requires a 106 link chain. The stock RD250/350 requires the chain to be modified to 92 links, and 96 links for the RD400. Optional chain length modification service available, purchase here on on the site under the chain category.
  • DID Standard Series 520 roller chain. Available in multiple lengths. This is an excellent medium grade chain, pre-stretched, anti-kink design, includes clip style master link. This chain is used on the RZ350 and for the RD250/350/400/R5 520 Conversion. Made in Japan. Choose Length and add to cart. Length for reference: R5/RD350/RD250 - 92 Links RD400 - 96 Links RZ350 - 106 Links (This chain only available in 108L, we can cut this to 106L for you by choosing this option Chain Length Modification  
  • RD400 520 Conversion Shim Kit. Shim kit includes shims for front and rear sprockets used in our 520 conversion sprocket/chain kits for the RD400. Choose model and click add to cart