• Jumper cables made specifically for motorcycle and powersports use.
  • Professional grade ratcheting 4mm bullet crimper tool. This crimper allows you to make factory quality bullet electrical connections. The crimper is a professional grade ratcheting tool and far exceeds anything you can buy in auto parts stores. Makes a perfect crimp on bullet connectors every time, the crimp will be stronger than the wire itself for tight secure electrical connection. Unlike most crimpers, this tool applies the exact amount of torque to each crimp and then releases, will not over crimp or under crimp the connection.
  • Terminal Extraction Tool. Perfect high quality terminal extraction tool used for removing spades from all types of terminal blocks. Great for all makes of motorcycles, cars, scooters and other applications. Anodized aluminum body. 6 tools in one, includes 3 rectagular blades, flat blade, fork blade and spring loaded tube for weather pack terminals. By Lisle tools.
  • Wire stripping & guaging tool. High quality tool great for stripping solid core wire in 10-18 gauge or 12-20 guage stranded wire, suitable for most motorcycle and automotive applications.
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    Wire Strippers – value priced

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    Economy wire strippers. Half the price of our regular strippers, but still a good quality tool.