Wrenches, Pliers & Related

//Wrenches, Pliers & Related
  • 3/8" Impact Driver. High quality impact driver by Performance Tool. A must have tool for any one working on a Japanese motorcycle. Makes remvoing soft phillips head screws and difficult bolts easy. Applies incredible down force and torque to remove most fasteners without damage.

  • Clutch Holding Tool by Motion Pro. Made from medium carbon steel with hardened jaws to hold clutch hubs, flywheels, gears, sprockets, etc. Features 8mm spanner pins, Jaws open up to 5 inches wide, Recommended for square tooth style clutch hubs.
  • Spring Installation tool. Professional quality T-handle spring puller provides a secure comfortable grip for maximum leverage. Allows mechanics to remove exhaust springs as well as other springs in seconds
  • FOLDING METRIC TOOL SET by Cruz Tools. The perfect portable indispensable took kit for under the seat of any metric motorcycle. Fourteen tools in one in a 3.9 oz. package. Made of heat-treated steel and chrome vanadium, they're built to last. Includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Allen wrenches, slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, socket driver with 8mm, 10mm and 12mm sockets, 13mm and 14mm open-end wrenches, plus three of the most common-sized spoke wrenches. This is the Outback'r by Cruz Tools, a leader in portable motorcycle tool kits.
  • Gear Jammer by Motion Pro. Locks gears in place for easy installation and removal of engine components, clutch baskets, primary gears, etc. Allows tightening of lock nuts to proper torque setting. Works on virtually any motor/engine case. Powerful magnet holds tool in place during use. Made of billet 6061 T-6 aluminum in blue anodized finish. Note: not for use with impact gun.
  • Master Cylinder Snap Ring Pliers. Allows removal of internal snap rings used in hydraulic master cylinders. Can be used to remove and replace small to medium internal snap rings up to 50mm deep. Applicable to some fork seal retaining rings. By Motion Pro, leaders in motorcycle specific tools.
  • Piston Pin Puller Tool. Removes pins from all sizes of pistons. Won't damage piston or connecting rod.
  • RD/RZ Clutch Holder Tool

    RD/RZ/R5/DS6/7 Clutch Holder Tool.
  • Snap Ring Pliers by Motion Pro. Economical pliers easily work with both inside and outside opening snap rings or clips. Includes three extra sets of tips, one additional straight tip and two offset or angle tips. By Motio Pro, leaders in motorcycle specific tools.
  • Spark Plug Wrench - 3 Way 14mm/12mm/10mm. Sold each.
  • Vape Rotor Puller Tool for use with Powerdynamo ignition system. (This part also used for same ignition system sold under the brand names Powerdynamo/MZB). Inner M12 x 90mm Outer M27 x 1.25 pitch
  • Vintage Japanese Style Tool Kit - metric took kit for vintage bikes, not specific to the RD but includes most common tools and sizes you'll need. Includes:
    • Pliers
    • Combo Screwdriver (straight blade / phillips)
    • Spark Plug Wrench
    • Wrenches, 8/10mm, 10/12mm, 14/17mm
    • Pouch - fits nicely in the RD tool tray