Testing & Measurement

//Testing & Measurement
  • Designed to check for air leaks in 2-stroke engines. Includes air pressure gauge, pump-up bulb, fittings and adapters for the RD250/350/400, R5 or DS6/7  twin cylinder 2-stroke motorcycle engines. Packed in a convenient carry satchel, complete with instructions. Made in the U.S.A. Economical price. This is the perfect leak down test kit for the RD350, RD400, R5, and DS7. Kit includes gauge, exhaust port plugs, intake plugs, and a hand squeeze bulb so no external air source is needed. The gauge is very sensitive so that even the smallest leak will be immediately obvious. The exhaust port plugs are quality metal/rubber pieces making blocking off the exhaust ports easy. The kit is complete with instructions and packaged in a neat little case for storage. If you are having a tuning issue or have just pulled an old RD out of long term storage, a leak down test is key!!
  • The Maxima Quick 2 Mix bottle has been calibrated to give you the ability to accurately mix in ratios of 24:1 to 100:1. Simply choose the ratio of oil you wish to use and the amount of gas you are going to mix. Fill oil to the mark corresponding to the amount of gas you will use. For example: To mix 4 gallons of gas at 32:1, fill oil to the 4.0 gallon mark under 32:1 ratio. To mix 6 gallons of gas at 50:1, fill oil to 6.0 gallon mark under 50:1 ratio. etc. The Maxima Quick 2 Mix also features ounce and CC calibrations located on the right side. Use these for you own custom ratios, filling transmission oil, fork oil, etc. Accurate measurement, mixes ounces/cc's/gallons/liters. Convenient Cap keeps inside clean. Durable Polypropylene. Easy to measure. 20oz/592ml plastic bottle.
  • Compression Tester by Motion Pro. Designed to check cylinder compression all motorcycles, includes adapter hoses for 10, 12 & 14mm spark plug applications. Features a quick disconnect with a pressure release valve and a 300 psi. gauge. Packed in a convenient carry box, complete with instructions, easy to use
  • Degree Wheel by Motion Pro. Manufactured from .052 thick aluminum with a 6.75 outside diameter and a 6mm center hole. Black anodized finish with easy-to-read numbers. Check or set ignition and/or cam timing. Can be used on 2- and 4-stroke engines.
  • Digital Calipers with metric to SAE converion & case by Performance Tool. Measures outside, inside, depth and step. 0-6 range (0-150mm) with SAE to metric conversion. Large, easy-to-read LCD display. Zero setting at any position within measuring range. Data output socket for interface with computer or printer. Thumbwheel with lock. On/off switch. Chrome satin finish with fine engraved markings. Heavy-duty plastic case keeps caliper safe and clean. Battery included.
  • Designed to check for air leaks in 2-stroke engines. Includes air pressure gauge, pump-up bulb and most fittings and adapters for single and twin cylinder 2-stroke motorcycle engines. Packed in a convenient carry box, complete with instructions Made in the U.S.A. This tool is avaialble for rent from Economy Cycle $75/$300 deposit. Please call if interested 224-430-7971
  • Ratio Rite Measuring - Makes Premixing Easy •Eliminate mistakes and guesswork when measuring fluids •Tough, translucent polypropylene plastic, Ratio Rite measuring cup makes for perfect measurements every time •Proper premix ratios from 16:1 to 70:1 •Calibrated in cc’s, ounces and pints •Optional Lid allows for easier and safer mixing