Battery Chargers

//Battery Chargers
  • Genius Battery Charger, Model #G750. The latest in smart charging technology, perfect for motorcycle batteries. Smart, five step, fully automatic battery charger and maintainer. 750MA charger has 12 or 6 volt mode. Great for charging new batteries or maintaining your existing battery. Includes both alligator clamp style connectors as well as the eyelet type connector with a cord. This eyelet connector allows you to make a permanent connection to your battery that quickly plugs into the charger without having to access the battery compartment on your bike. The weatherproof cord/plug simply tucks under your side cover or other location for quick easy access to charge your battery.
  • Genius Battery Charger - Extension Cord 10ft. Extend the reach of your NOCO Genius battery charger and accessories with the GC004 10' Extension Cable. With Quick Connect connectors on both ends, connecting the 10' Extension Cable is simple.
  • Genius Battery Charger - Eyelet Connector. This is the same connector that comes with the kit. Great if you have more then one bike you need to charge.