Dial Gauges & Ignition Tools

//Dial Gauges & Ignition Tools
  • We designed these new kits with RD enthusiasts in mind and includes the following specs / features
    • Works with the engine in the frame (most dial gauges are too large and won't fit in the RD due to the frame rails sitting just above the heads)
    • Metric Gauge - no need to convert from SAE and one less chance to make a mistake when converting
    • Increments:
      • 10mm stroke 1/100mm graduation
      • Big hand sweeps 1 mm
      • Smal hand in .10 mm increments
    • 10, 12, & 14mm adapters makes this kit suitable for most 2 strokes
    • 2 Extensions
  • Test the integrity and strength of your ignition system. Spark gap is adjustable from 0 to 10mm. Measure spark strength. Will test the ignition on most motorcycles, watercraft, ATVs & snowmobiles
  • Timing kit for inspection and adjustment of ignition timing; gauge face size 1 1/2". Comes with adapter for air-cooled 2 strokes. Although this is an excellent gauge, we do not recommend it for the RD250/350/400/R5/DS7 as there isn't enough clearance to use the gauge with the engine installed in the frame. For the RD250/350/400/R5/DS7 or any bike with minimal clearance between the frame and spark plug, we recommend the Economy Cycle Dial Gauge made specifically for RD and Yamaha twins, which can be found here Economy Cycle Dial Gauge
  • Spark Plug Wrench - 3 Way 14mm/12mm/10mm. Sold each.