Dial Gauges & Ignition Tools

//Dial Gauges & Ignition Tools
  • Dial Gauge timing kit for inspection and adjustment of ignition timing. High quality, high precision instrument by Central Tools. 5.0mm range, .01mm increments, 0-100 sweep reading. This gauge will work with the engine in the frame on RD's, R5, DS7 and most bikes. Includes indicator with easy read yellow face, adapter and 2 threaded extension (contact) rods (1-1/2" & 2"), foam padded box and instructions. This is our recommended timing gauge and the same one we use in the shop. Replacements parts available.
  • Test the integrity and strength of your ignition system. Spark gap is adjustable from 0 to 10mm. Measure spark strength. Will test the ignition on most motorcycles, watercraft, ATVs & snowmobiles
  • Iginition Timing Tester - Eliminates the guesswork when timing a points-type ignition. Allows you to concentrate on adjusting the points without having to look at your multi-meter for a reading, just listen for the audible tone to know when your points close. A switch allows for either a light or a tone at the moment of point closure Can also be used as a continuity tester.
  • Timing kit for inspection and adjustment of ignition timing; gauge face size 1 1/2". Comes with adapter for air-cooled 2 strokes. Although this is an excellent gauge, we do not recommend it for the RD250/350/400/R5/DS7 as there isn't enough clearance to use the gauge with the engine installed in the frame. For the RD250/350/400/R5/DS7 or any bike with minimal clearance between the frame and spark plug, we recommend the Central Tools Dial Gauge which can be found here http://www.economycycle.com/servlet/the-629/Central-Tools-Dial-Gauge/Detail
  • Spark Plug Wrench - 3 Way 14mm/12mm/10mm. Sold each.