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    Vape CDI Electronic Ignition for Yamaha RD’s, R5 & DS7 (formerly Powerdynamo/MZB)

    Original price was: $650.00.Current price is: $575.00.

    Vape CDI Ignition and Charging System for the Yamaha RD250/350/400,R5, and DS7

    (note: Vape was formerly Powerdynamo/MZB)

    • Replaces the stock generator, points, condenser, coils and regulator found on the RD, R5 and DS7.
    • This system includes a lightweight cnc machined one piece external magnetic rotor and powerful stator, CDI ignition and HT coil pack, regulator, plug wires and caps, misc hardware and installation instructions. (note: all new systems purchased include the updated rotor)
    • This is the same type of ignition you would find on any modern motorcycle and gives you a high voltage spark and strong electrical output for lighting and charging. This is a maintenance free system, you will never need to check your timing or replace / adjust any parts as you would with contact points and condensers.
    • We charge a bit more than other vendors for this system as we provide live technical support via phone - talk to a person.
    • 24 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty.
    • 35,000 Volt HT Ignition Coils
    • Electrical output at 150W/12V allows you to run high wattage lights, halogen bulbs, and any accessories you like. Your horn, signals and headlight will be strong and bright even at idle.
    • No changes, modifications or machining needed to install this system
    • The system is capable of running without a battery.
    • Very stable ignition with high energy spark for better starting and fuel efficiency
    • Increases engine performance and lowers emissions
    • Wasted spark system ensures easy starting
    • This system is manufactured to exacting standards and all components and machining are top notch and of the highest quality. Just what you would expect from a German company.
    • Manufactured by Vape, imported from Europe by Economy Cycle – an authorized US distributor.
    • You will need a basic understanding of motorcycle electrical systems and basic mechanical knowledge to install the system, or you can have your own mechanic or local bike shop perform the installation. Economy Cycle can also install this system on your bike or motor.
    • The system typically takes 3-4 hours to install.
    • Note: requires puller tool for Vape Rotor/drum - available here Vape Puller Tool
    • We recommend the hardware upgrade kit for this system - available here Vape Hardware Upgrade
    • We also recommend a new generator wire grommet with this kit as the stock one will not be reuseable, avaiable here Wiring Grommet
    • Kit includes a relay to allow you to use your stock ignition switch
    • Some notes on keyway cutting and woodruff keys:
    • This system does not require a keyway / woodruff key and allows you to run the static timing of your choice (typically RD’s and similar bikes run static timing in the range of  1.8-2.2 BTDC). Also if you intend to use a Zeeltronic ignition controller and dynamic ignition curve a keyed rotor timed in the typical range noted above will not allow the Zeeltronic ignition controller to work properly, additional info below.
    • Cutting a keyway in the rotor/drum voids the warranty
    • The original Yamaha keeway and woodruff key were not intended to be used with the Vape rotor/drum to keep from slipping and absorbing a shear load. They were designed to index timing and once a keeway is cut and woodruff key installed, your timing is fixed and cannot be changed, we don't recommend this modification for these reasons. Additional info from Vape/MZB/Powerdynamo here Vape Keyway Information
    • Requires no battery or lead acid / MF type battery only, however you will need a battery if you intend to use the stock ignition switch and kill switch and Vape relay
    You can combine this Vape CDI system with a fully programmable Ignition Controller from Zeeltronic to enable a dynamic timing curve and rev limiter. These components are offered here on the website in the Zeeltronic programmable ignition controller category. This programmable system is offered exclusively by Economy Cycle.      
  • Sale!

    Bronze Swingarm Bushings RD250/350/400 R5/DS6/DS7/XS

    Original price was: $59.95.Current price is: $54.95.
    Bronze Swingarm Bushings for Yamaha RD250/350/400/R5/DS6/7.  Sold in pairs. High quality bronze bushings by Parts Plus. These replace the nylon stock bushings and provide less flex and better handling.
  • Sale!

    RD250 RD350 Exhaust Gasket, 360-14714-00-00 (Between header and muffler)

    Original price was: $9.50.Current price is: $7.50.
    Exhaust Gasket, 360-14714-00-00 (Between header and muffler. Reproduction part, sold each. 2 required per bike. Fits all years RD250/350
  • Sale!

    Drilled / Resurfaced Brake Rotor – RD250/350/400

    Original price was: $274.95.Current price is: $249.95.
    ECON PERFORMANCE RD rotor (sold each). We first check the run out/thickness on these rotors to ensure they are not warped and within factory tolerance. The rotors are then completely resurfaced, cleaned, and drilled with a 45x8mm diagonal hole pattern. Sold as pictured - does not include carrier, bolts or tab washers. Note: These are used rotors and may have slight imperfections - but as always with EC - your satisfaction guaranteed. Note: EC offers a $40 credit for your rotor. We will issue the credit as a refund to your order when the rotor is received. Please email customerservice@economycycle.com after you place the order to let us know you intend to send in your rotor for credit. Note those streaks are simply reflections of light, the rotor has a consistent surface finish.