• DOT 4 Brake Fluid by Maxima. 12oz. bottle. DOT-4 hydraulic fluid meets and exceeds all OEM specifications for glycol based fluids and offers excellent protection against moisture contamination.
  • DOT 4 High Temp Racing Brake Fluid by Maxima. 12oz. bottle. Offers an extremely high 600 deg;F dry boiling point for racing applications and an outstanding wet boiling point.
  • Star Tron Enzymatic Fuel Treatment for Ethanol Based Gasoline. If you're having problems with ethanol based gasoline, this product eliminates the effects of ethanol in gasoline. Stabilizes and preserves fuel for up to one year, prevents varnish and debris from building up in carbuetors, removes carbon deposits and prevents carbon formation. Improves power by preventing octane reduction due to phase separation, makes starting easier and helps engines run smoother.æ For 2 and 4 stroke engines. 8oz. treats 48 gallons of fuel.
  • Maxima 100% SYNTHETIC CHAIN LUBE - Clean, clear synthetic based formula contains the latest in antiwear, extreme-pressure and friction-reducing additives. Rust and corrosion protection, extended chain and sprocket life, won’t fling-off . Safe for all O-ring chains. Contains no CFCs.
  • Maxima Chain Wax - Revolutionary Parafilm™ formula; spray it on and let it dry. Doesn’t fling off. Sprays on wet, dries to waxy film and seals the lubricant to your chain. Non-gooey finish keeps dirt, sand and grit from sticking to freshly lubed chains. Translates into longer chain life and reduced sprocket wear.
  • MPPL - Penetrating Lube, Fogger, Starter Fluid. All-purpose penetrating lube also displaces water and provides rust and corrosion protection. Forms a protective film on metal and will not harm plastic or painted surfaces. Excellent fogging oil or starting fluid for 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines. Great for detecting intake air-leaks. 20 oz. cans, 15.5 oz. net weight.
  • Octane Boost by Maxima. Concentrated octane booster increases pump gas octane rating. Eliminates pre-detonation. Mix either with straight gas or with alcohol and nitrous mixtures. For 2- or 4-stroke engines. Cleans fuel delivery systems. Legal for all racing applications. Won't harm or discolor plastic gas tanks. Cleans fuel delivery systems. Each ounce of octane booster per gallon of gas raises octane rating by four points. 16 oz. bottle.
  • PJ1 - PROFESSIONAL BRAKE CLEANER - Cleans and degreases brakes quickly and easily. Improves performance and evaporates quickly. Will not harm painted surfaces. Environmentally friendly. 19.7 oz. can; sold each
  • PJ1 - PROFESSIONAL CARB AND CHOKE CLEANER - Quickly cleans injectors, carburetors, choke linkages, thermostat accelerator linkages and other moving parts. Not harmful to rubber, vinyl or neoprene. 19.7 oz. can; sold each
  • PJ1 SUPER CLEANER DEGREASER - Multi-appliction non-residue degreaser. Powerful solvents melt grease and grime away. Dries quickly. Compliant with California regulation. 19.7 fl. oz. can; sold each
  • Seal and O-ring Grease by Pro Circuit. Contains Liquilon, lubricates long after conventional greases have washed out. Excellent stability and resistance to chemical change. Smoothes action and reduces friction and wear; greatly extends seal and O-ring life. Water repellent. Holds up to extremely high temperatures. 1 oz. jar
  • Sleeve Retainer by Permatex. OEM specified. High temperature (up to 400
  • PLUG AND CONTACT CLEANER - excellent product for cleaning spark plugs, points and electrical parts & connectors. Quickly cleans and degreases all metal and aluminum surfaces, fouled spark plugs, carburetors and other small parts. Nonconductor formula for use on electrical systems, electric switches, connections, motors, starters, and alternators. Will not damage engine parts, carburetors, brake parts, ignition parts, spark plugs or engine sensors. 20 oz. aerosol spray.