LIMITED AVAILABILITY - 1 Set Remaining Superior Heads RD400 - Toroidal Chamber Design, O-ring Gaskets, Sandcast - In Stock Sorry no 350 heads available. Now with polished combustion chambers! Features:
  • Toridial Cubustion Chamber Design by Road Racing Engineer Wayne "Wobbly" Wright and world record holder for the fastest RD, Ed Erlenbach. Toridial heads give you more peak power, help prevent detonation and a torodial chamber not only reduces the distance the flame front has to travel but it promotes turbulence in the chamber, speeding and increasing combustion efficiency. Increased efficiency increases power in itself, but probably equally as good is the fact that the increased efficiency of the design also lets us safely raise the compression higher and dial in more ignition advance safely as well.
  • Dyno testing has shown HP increases across the rev range. The RD400 we dyno'd showed a 6HP increase.
  • Heads use a reuseable O-ring gasket
  • Sandcast in aluminum A356, aids in cooling and give the heads an old school look
  • Updated fin design aids in cooling
  • Made in the USA
  • Polished combustion chambers
  • 12.3 CR
  • 23.7 Chamber volume
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